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In the mood for some good birth stories?
I have some logged here that you can read!

The first set are my own birth experiences as I remember them. The second set are births that I have attended as a doula. If you have any questions as you're reading along, like "what does prodromal labor mean?" or "why do medical professionals do such-and-such?" or "Vomiting?! Nobody's warned me about that!", feel free to contact me. No personal questions about my clients will be answered, but I will be happy to discuss any pregnancy-birth-baby related stuff with you!

If you have hired me as a doula and you want me to write your birth story for your own personal use or for this blog, then I have a Story Swap option available for you!

My Own Stories - Jessiqua Wittman

Elisha's Birth Story
Leotta's Birth Story
Obed's Birth Story


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