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Q: My husband/mother/sister is an awesome support for me, and s/he is concerned that you might "take over" their role, how can I explain to them why I want to hire you?

A: Partners and family members are extremely important to a pregnant/laboring/postpartum woman. As a doula, I can care about you and your welfare, but I can not love you or know you like one of those special people you mentioned. I am merely a professional who has been trained to come into your life for a scheduled amount of time and provide a calm, positive, informational presence to this birth season. That said, labor is emotionally and physically taxing on everyone involved. Your partner/family may be surprised how much pressure and stress I can take off of them, along with you.

Q: Where is your range of service?

A: I currently serve roughly a sixty mile radius around Okmulgee, Oklahoma. I might travel a little farther for special situations though. If you're close to that range, we should be able to work something out.

Q: I don't have medical insurance, can you still be my doula?

A: Yes. Definitely. We will work something affordable out for you.

Q: I have medical insurance. Will my insurance pay for me to hire you?

A: Most likely not. Doulas are not yet accepted to be as vital to a mother's health as most other medical professionals. That is yet another reason why I strive to keep my fees affordable.

Q: I want you to write a birth story for me, but I don't want it on your Birth Stories blog, can we keep it private?

A: Most certainly yes! If you feel even slightly uncomfortable with sharing your story, I will ensure that it is kept confidential.

Q: I'm a minor, (under 18 years old,) can you still be my doula?

A: I would be happy to be your doula! Just make sure your legal guardian comes with you to our first consultation visit so that s/he can sign the papers with you, and we'll be good to go!

Q: On some of your online doula profiles I see that you have a special interest in teen moms, but I'm a midlife, older mom, will you still be my doula?

A: Oh yes! I would be happy to be your doula! The reason I list teen moms as a special interest is because I have more experience with them, not because I specifically "prefer" them.

Q: I'm experiencing a crisis pregnancy, can you still be my doula?

A: Yes. I actually have more experience with this type of pregnancy than any other type. Call me and we will work something out. I can also help you find practical support in your area and help you make vital, local connections with other people who care.